Snickers WorkTrousers are getting even ‘Smarter’

Snickers WorkTrousers are getting even ‘Smarter’
08 Mar 2017

Snickers Workwear has integrated technology with their work wear to improve performance and wellbeing at work.

A recent study carried out in Scandinavia showed more than 50 per cent of the professional craftsmen there are cutting corners at work and don´t use the available health and safety equipment as they should. 

David Clark, managing director of the Hultafors Group UK said: “Our experience is that craftsmen usually are so focused on getting the job done that personal protection tends to be overlooked.

“The study shows that six out of 10 craftsmen are suffering from pain in their knees. So we see that there is definitely room for improving their well-being beyond just knee protection – and our ‘Smart Workwear’ is one way”.

 “Market-leading technology and innovation have long been hallmarks of Snickers Workwear,” says Clark. “We are well known for our KneeGuard System, 37.5 Fabric Technology and technical functionality, but the integration of ‘smart’ wearable technology into our clothing shows the extent to which we are looking at working clothes and wellbeing on site in a completely new way”.

Getting more information about Snickers Workwear is easy. You can call the Helpline on 01484 854788 or visit and download a digital catalogue. You can also email



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