Empowering Electricians: Theben’s LUXORliving Solution and theBuddy Partner Scheme

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  Posted by: electime      31st October 2023

The smart home industry has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, captivating homeowners with the promise of enhanced comfort, reduced energy costs, and unprecedented flexibility. Industry giants such as Google, Nest, and Ring have paved the way with innovative products, illuminating the potential of technology in transforming living spaces. However, the time has come for a true evolution beyond individual gadgets. Homeowners now demand not just a collection of devices, but a fully integrated, intelligent, and harmonious smart home.

Introducing LUXORliving: The KNX smart home system from

LUXORliving, the latest offering from Theben, is built upon the robust KNX architecture. It’s core objective is to enable electricians to seamlessly install and configure comprehensive smart home systems encompassing lighting, heating, cooling, and blinds. By prioritising efficiency and cost-effectiveness, Theben is facilitating electricians to excel in delivering all-encompassing smart home experiences.
Unlike conventional home automation systems that necessitate expensive software and extensive training, LUXORliving is programmed using the LUXORplug Windows software package – a drag-and-drop interface that makes commissioning a breeze and allows electricians to say goodbye to unnecessary expenses and time-consuming courses.

theBuddy Partner Scheme

Accompanying the LUXORliving UK growth plan is Theben’s innovative theBuddy partner scheme, designed exclusively for electricians. This program opens the door to a range of benefits, including rebates tied to turnover, free training and CPD, valuable vouchers, and extended warranties. As part of this initiative, Theben has curated a dedicated LUXORliving website, featuring direct links to contact details of registered partners. This strategic approach ensures that homeowners seeking professional installation can effortlessly locate certified electricians who are proficient in implementing LUXORliving systems and generates leads for approved electrical contractors.
“We see LUXORliving as a transformative leap in smart home technology, offering more than just devices. It’s about enabling electrical contractors and homeowners to embrace a seamless, integrated, and genuinely intelligent living experience. Our Buddy scheme underscores this by providing substantial business growth opportunities for electrical contractors, ensuring a prosperous future in the evolving smart home landscape.” – Paul Foulkes, Country Manager Theben UK

A collaborative partnership with Focus SB
In a strategic collaboration, Theben joins forces with product manufacturer Focus SB to enhance LUXORliving. With over 140 years of combined experience, Focus SB and Theben epitomise style and substance, integrating their expertise to offer beautiful designs coupled with functionality and security. Both companies value their local manufacturing bases, with Focus SB in the UK and Theben in Germany. This partnership leverages these strengths to provide customers an impressive array of stylish solutions, extending beyond lighting control to full building automation.

Unlocking the future of smart homes
LUXORliving isn’t just a product; it’s a transformative leap towards a future where smart homes are truly interconnected and intuitive. Theben remains committed to advancing technology that enhances lives and empowers homeowners to embrace the full potential of their living spaces.
For further information, inquiries, or to explore the possibilities of LUXORliving, please visit https://www.luxorliving.co.uk/for-professionals/