3 Tricks for Dealing with Electrical Problems

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  Posted by: electime      4th March 2020

Being a fully-fledged and qualified electrician doesn’t mean you are free from problems. They will still immerge from time to time, putting the brakes on any job you are currently trying to complete.

While you cannot stop certain issues from arising, there are ways to futureproof your work or solutions you should keep stored in the back of your mind. Like any job, the learning never stops – and this is especially true in the electrician world.

Here are common problems electricians can encounter and how they can fix them.

1.   Invest in the right tools

While you don’t need to spend a fortune on your tools (after all, they are only as good as the electrician themselves), you do need to ensure you have the correct tools and have tools that are good quality. Buying new is your best bet and making sure you have a guarantee (or insurance) on them is ideal. This is because if they break or are stolen, you do not have to spend a fortune trying to replace them.

Keep on top of what you own and ensure that they are not damaged or broken without you knowing. Damaged tools can cause further problems and damage to a customer’s home but may also cause harm to you. If you need help with costs when it comes to replacing any tools, lenders like CashLady can help bridge the gap. This will stop any work from being disrupted.

Not sure on the tools you may need to invest in? Or are you missing a few tools on your toolbelt? If so, here’s the definitive electrician tools list.

2.   Get all the correct qualifications (and stay in the know)

You’ll have undergone an apprenticeship and a few electrician and health and safety courses, yet once they are completed, that does not mean you can let your guard down and not think about education ever again.

Changes in technology means you may need to go on a course on how to use a piece of tech properly and safely. What’s more, electrical standards can adapt over the years, so what was once common practice may no longer be safe and practical meaning you have to find another way to carry out certain jobs. Look at the qualifications you can take to further your education from The Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Having certain certificates also makes you much more able when it comes to problem-solving. Difficult electrical problems can be dealt with and fixed sooner if you remain educated.

For example, did you know that a new electrical safety guide launched earlier this year? Electrical businesses and self-employed electricians will want to keep themselves and their staff safe, so it is essential to keep up to date.

3.   Use your eyes

When an issue strikes, use your eyes. Taking the time to survey the issues can be your saving grace as it allows you to truly see what is unfolding before your eyes. Not only is rushing in potentially dangerous, but it will also limit the room of potential mistakes from happening. You can have all the tools in the world, but using your eyes can troubleshoot the issue, see any health and safety issues, and know how to manage the problem and assign staff to it.

As an electrician, dealing with electrical problems is your job. You will know how to counter some, but that doesn’t mean you can fix all. Be sure to have the right tools and to keep educated in your field so that you can tackle any issue that may arise.

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