Academy announce Luxbox as an Ambassador

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  Posted by: electime      10th April 2018

Luxbox Lighting Technology Ltd is the latest industry player to support the vision of the Lighting Industry Academy, despite being a relative newcomer to the emergency lighting scene.

With the power of Sander Elektronik, the Swiss emergency lighting specialists behind it, Luxbox is very promising, especially with Simon Fox to hand, who has been a key figure in the business for over 20 years.

Simon says: “As a home for learning and career development, the Academy is a fantastic resource for everyone in our industry, providing a central point of access for lighting related learning. We wholeheartedly support that vision. Working at the cutting edge of lighting technology, we need a skilled workforce coming through to help us deliver our aims. The Academy, with the support of its Ambassadors, will be integral to that development.

Technical responsibility for the company rests with Alan Daniels, well known in the industry for involvement in ICEL and the development of emergency lighting standards over the past 40+ years. Alan continues:

“I’ve been involved in educating people about emergency lighting for quite some time; through seminars, conferences and professional development training courses. For me, the Academy take a big step towards making this kind of specialised training more available. That’s really exciting and we’re pleased to be able to support it.”

The Academy team say they are looking forward to working with Luxbox to educate and develop the lighting community for a bright and exciting future.

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