Bacon, sausages and mustard: Electricians’ ULTIMATE breakfast revealed

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  Posted by: electime      17th October 2023


Do you have mustard on your full English? Turns out you aren’t the only one.

Electricians have revealed what goes on their full English breakfast and the results could raise a few eyebrows.

Almost a third (32%) prefer coffee with breakfast, 27% would rather juice and only 26% enjoy a cup of tea.

It was a tight run contest between the battle of the baps, but sausage (42%) just edged out bacon (37%).

The majority of electricians prefer brown sauce (18%) but surprisingly, 13% would rather have mustard and 7% prefer gravy. Only 11% enjoy ketchup, and 39% would choose no sauce at all.

The study, conducted by online metal suppliers metals4U, asked over 500 tradespeople what their favourite items on a builder’s breakfast were. Bacon, sausages and fried eggs came out on top, but the data revealed that many electricians were ready to let go of some fry up classics.

Interestingly, almost 9 in 10 (89%) are happy to go without a poached egg, and 85% don’t believe black pudding is an important part of a traditional Full English.

Electricians’ top 5 breakfast items are:

  1. Bacon (55%)
  2. Sausage (50%)
  3. Fried Egg (45%)
  4. Scrambled Egg (31%)
  5. Tomatoes (31%)

Electricians’ least favourite items include:

  1. Poached Egg (11%)
  2. Black Pudding (15%)
  3. Hashbrowns (18%)
  4. Fried Bread (26%)
  5. Toast (26%)

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