Construction Helpline, A business ready for 2021

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  Posted by: electime      17th November 2020

Construction Helpline Ltd (CHL), established 10 years ago, is an industry-leading, UK-wide training and testing provider for the construction industry workforce.

CHL prides itself on excellence and places a focus on CITB Health & Safety courses to encourage new workers onto construction sites, essentially driving the people who make the construction industry prosper.

Although this year has been challenging, by the end of 2020 CHL will have provided a staggering 200,000 courses, and there is no doubt that this has helped boost the industry and keep the wheels of construction turning. In an industry where it is critical to have a certified, on-site workforce in all areas of construction, the efficiency and quick turnaround of certifications is paramount. It has been identified as a priority for the business in 2021.

In order to increase productivity and manpower, technology takes centre stage at CHL. In the coming year, the company believes that there will be increased demand in the workplace that will inevitably lead to empowering the digital movement and force the industry be more reliant on technology. This includes the use of contactless CSCS cards as the future entry point, adopting AI to ensure that the entire workforce is qualified and certified, and an increased use of block chain storage to combat certification fraud.

“At the heart of the CHL group sits our technology division with innovative thinking being part of our core values and an organisation-wide culture,” said Umer Mansoor, CEO, at CHL. “I believe wholeheartedly that addressing this issue will help to overcome existing and new challenges in the ever-evolving construction landscape. Digitisation can and will improve the construction industry for project managers, site workers, architects and many others”.

Whilst the industry faces many other challenges, including lack of migrant workers post-Brexit and the lasting impact of Covid-19, the priority has to be in the certification and verification of health & safety regulations. This multi-faceted offering is at the forefront of CHL’s strategy, as is the speed and efficiency of getting more workers on-site to fill the gaps.

CHL stands tall in the industry for its determination to embrace technology and offer solid support to a diverse workforce that includes an increasing number of women.

Umer Masoor continued, “We are passionate about driving diversity and inclusion for the BAME community across the construction industry. I founded CHL out of a need for a reliable resource to arrange CITB tests, construction NVQ training and CSCS card acquisition. We are actively looking for more ways to help increase diversity and have several initiatives in the pipeline, including sponsored placements on some of our courses.”

CHL’s mission in 2021 is to double the number of people they put through their courses, therefore making construction sites a safe and secure environment for all.