Construction Lawyers – why are they so expensive and what can be done about it?

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  Posted by: electime      29th May 2018

Lawyers often charge well over £200 an hour with no guarantee of success. Taking a large claim to court will often cost more than £50,000 and even adjudication, the cheap and cheerful option often costs more than £5,000.

Lawyers have high salaries to pay, pay expensive insurances, run expensive offices, etc. Nothing new in any of that. But what can a company do to limit its exposure to legal costs?

There is now a new solution available to construction companies. The National Legal Consortium offers a monthly subscription service that provides unlimited legal advice (within the scope of the scheme) to its clients. Clients can issue debt letters, take or defend proceedings, obtain telephone advice, get advice on contracts and notices and get to use the scheme’s logo all for the cost of the monthly subscription.

The NLC scheme is like having a Construction Solicitor on your staff at a fraction of the cost.

In practise this means that adjudications and court proceedings cost no more than the monthly subscription so that concerns about whether they can be afforded disappear starting at £150 plus vat per month.

For more information about the NLC scheme go to or call 0800 085 7772.