David Martell, CEO of EVIOS, comments on the new building regulations requiring all new homes to have an EV charger installed

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  Posted by: electime      15th June 2022

With the new new building regulations in respect to new housing in the UK  come into effect today, requiring all new homes to have an EV charger installed. David Martell, CEO of home EV charging company EVIOS (and former CEO of Chargemaster, now bp Pulse) comments:

“Today’s announcement requiring all new homes to have an EV charger installed is an important step forward for home charging and will help to promote accessible electric mobility.

“However, new houses are only a very small part of the overall picture. Charging an EV is more affordable and convenient when done at home so, for mass uptake of EVs to become a reality, government can and should do more to make home charging more accessible across the UK’s existing housing stock. Most notably, we need to address inconsistencies in taxation policy.

“Currently, the government applies 5 per cent VAT on domestic electricity, but the VAT rate for the purchase and installation of a charge point remains at 20 per cent, and that can be prohibitive for many who might be considering a shift to electrified mobility. In March 2022, the government withdrew the £350 OZEV grant, increasing the cost of installation to the consumer.

“There is 0% VAT on the installation of qualifying Energy Saving Materials, such as heat pumps and solar panels in residential accommodation, fixed until March 2027. It would be a logical next step to extend zero-rated VAT to the installation of home EV chargers.

“Given that the government has now withdrawn the plug-in car grant, which had successfully supported the sale of nearly half a million EVs across the UK, the need for tax relief on installations is even more pressing. We encourage the government to reduce the VAT on the purchase and installation of home charge points so that their own ambitious targets for EV adoption over the next decade can be met.”

If you would like further insight from David and EVIOS on this new legislation or the home charging market, please get in touch.