Electrical Safety First overhauls digital platforms in mission to prevent deaths

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  Posted by: electime      11th February 2019

Electrical Safety First has energised its campaign to prevent injury and death caused by electricity with a newly reinvigorated website, a vital asset attracting more than 250,000 visits per month.

Electrical Safety First works to help prevent death, injury and damage caused by electricity, communicating with the public about the risks and how to minimise them. It also works closely with the government, industry and other stakeholders to minimise risk through policy and practices, while providing expert information and delivering awareness campaigns.

Digital product and service design agency, Absurd, led the strategy, redesign and implementation of the new website following a three-way pitch, taking a human-centred approach to align user needs, business processes and technology goals to Electrical Safety First’s overarching strategic objectives.

Absurd has delivered a platform, with clear information architecture and improved navigation. Key areas such as ‘product recalls’ and ‘product registration’ empower users to identify any of their own appliances or products that have encountered defects.

Emma Drackford, Head of Marketing at Electrical Safety First, said: “Having accumulated a lot of content over the past number of years, the website had become cumbersome. Working with Absurd we were able to prioritise content and realign the website goals.”

Oli Taylor, Co-founder and Design Lead at Absurd, said: “There are a number of motivations and many audience segments which Electrical Safety First must reach. The design was informed by a need based, audience ecosystem which the team created in collaboration with Electrical Safety First, which allowed for comprehensive planning of content and messaging.”