Work Safe Stay Safe Think Electricity campaign run by UK Power Networks

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  Posted by: electime      23rd October 2017

Sadly, life can be lost within seconds or terrible life-changing burns inflicted, if you come into contact with electricity. UK Power Networks is urging electricians and trades people to Work Safe, Stay Safe and Think Electricity.

IN 2015/16 over 70,000 trade’s people suffered injuries at work. More often, this results in taking time off and losing money. How would this effect you and your family?

It can be all too easy for busy tradespeople to be in a hurry, get distracted or not bother to check for electricity service cables when working on site.
Cables are not always visible, they can be hidden or out of sight.

The simple step of accurately locating service cables buried underground, hidden behind walls or under floorboards before starting work can mean you return home safe to your families at the end of each working day.

UK Power Networks is proud of its strong safety record, and has provided a full article ‘Work Safe. Stay Safe. Think Electricity – Safety Article for Tradespersons(s) on its website. Download your FREE safety leaflet, and most importantly, think electricity.

For more information on electrical safety, visit UK Power Networks