Exclusive UK launch of VTouch Pro from Vitrea Smart Home Technologies

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  Posted by: electime      28th January 2020

Park Electrical Distributors has announced an exclusive partnership with home automation specialist Vitrea Smart Home Technologies, based in Israel, with the UK launch of VTouch Pro.

Replacing regular electrical switches, VTouch Pro’s innovative use of wireless technology provides all of the benefits of a typical home automation system without the need for expensive infrastructure, renovations or complicated, wired installations.

It is one of a growing range of Vitrea products to be introduced to the UK market by the building technologies division of Park Electrical Distributors. VTouch Pro is specifically targeted at property developers, self builds and smart home buyers.

Building technologies manager, Paul Kinghorn, said: “Vitrea is truly at the cutting edge of innovation in home automation products and solutions. We are excited to be its exclusive supplier to the UK, as it provides us with great differentiation in the market. We are also delighted that VTouch Pro is our first UK launch as it takes home automation to a new level. Not only does it not require expensive infrastructure or wired installations, all home electrical fixtures can be connected and managed through an app, calendar or scenario switches.”

VTouch benefits from an innovative technology developed by Vitrea’s research and development team. ARANET leverages RF MESH’s unique advantages to ensure the system’s reliability and independence from the size of the interior.

ARANET’s innovative 2-way wireless communication creates a virtual spider web that is connected through each VTouch Pro switch and enables them to “talk” to each other. When the VBox Pro Controller receives a command, the data moves through the web to the specific switch it needs, at lightning fast speeds and with ultimate reliability. Easy to use and intuitive, users can build their own personalised lighting scenarios and control their home’s interior and exterior.

VTouch Pro seamlessly integrates with leading third-party controllers including RTI, Crestron, Somfy and more via its IP/RS-232/RS-485 connections so users can control every element of their home, from audio and visual systems to home security system and everything in between.

Because VTouch Pro switches are real switches and not keypads, they always function through manual use simply by pressing on the designated switch. Additionally, the switches communicate with each other and the VBox Pro Controller through advanced ARANET wireless technology, so users will always have connectivity in their home. VTouch Pro switches have been designed so they fit seamlessly into any existing electrical outlet.