Flexicon launches new knowledge tutorial for cable protection in hygienic applications

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  Posted by: electime      29th May 2019

Flexible conduit manufacturer, Flexicon, has released its latest knowledge tutorial for hygienic applications, providing operators and specifiers with essential information related to cable protection standards, product performance and compliance.

The free tutorial provides a wealth of practical advice to help identify the correct flexible conduit systems that meet stringent safety, performance and safety standards, with particular emphasis on the food and beverage industry.

The food and beverage industry is the EU’s largest manufacturing sector and it is critical to avoid downtime and maintain quality standards across the entire supply chain. Processors are investing heavily in automation solutions and equipment to deliver these objectives, resulting in an increasing reliance on the continuity of power and data cabling.

As a result, it is vital that essential cabling is protected appropriately with flexible conduit solutions that perform safely and adhere to stringent hygiene requirements.

The tutorial examines the common environmental factors which can affect cable integrity including high temperature, ingress of liquids or dust, impact, wear and abrasion, fatigue and chemical compatibility. It provides practical advice on the areas to consider when specifying a conduit system, including the choice between non-metallic or metallic systems, the design of fittings and selection of the appropriate ingress protection (IP) rating.

Flexicon’s hygienic range of flexible conduit systems protects against the build-up of microbes and bacteria and also ensures that cleaning processes do not damage or compromise equipment operation. Manufactured in accordance with EN1672-2 and EN ISO14159, the range offers high tensile strength – 70kg for LPC conduit and fitting, 130kg for LTP conduit and fitting – and resistance to chemical and cleaning agents, providing assurance for equipment operators.

The range consists of both metallic and non-metallic systems, with IP ratings of IP66, IP67, IP68 and IP69. All hygienic range solutions enjoy excellent corrosion resistance, due to their stainless steel 316L construction, and feature an integrated barrier seal to prevent contamination or ingress.

Says Alex Smith, Flexicon Technical Director and author of the tutorial,

“Hygienic flexible conduit systems can offer numerous benefits for food and beverage installations to protect critical power and data cabling. Time saving, simplicity of installation and future proofing can all be achieved by using hygienic conduits to group and protect cables from end to end.

“With multiple and diverse hazards, cabling needs protection to maintain system and process functionality and this tutorial will help demonstrate how the correct specification of flexible conduit can help save time and money while meeting the stringent hygiene demands of the food and beverage industry.”

Flexicon specialises in cable protection for demanding applications where continuity of supply, performance and safety is critical. The company provides 60 different conduit systems, with products that meet numerous industry standards.

Customers can request their copy of the tutorial by using the contact form on the Flexicon website at www.flexicon.uk.com or by emailing slee@atkore.com