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  Posted by: electime      29th June 2018

Industrial Product of the Year, the category we are honing in on, is open to new products and even for innovative developments of existing products.

This award covers products for markets such as warehouses, transport, industrial packaging and products that are a benefit to the sector or the environment. The judges will be looking for products that impress in areas such as materials selection, design for manufacture, and fitness for purpose.

We know it must be difficult to condense all your amazing work into just 600 words, but make sure you include what it is that makes your product innovative, what sets it apart from its competitors, why the innovation is needed and how it came about and how you think it will benefit the user. Also, be sure to supply supporting information to beef up your application eg brochures, press releases, reviews and client testimonials.

Industrial Product of the Year

The Industrial Product of the Year category has existed since the founding of The Electrical Industry Awards in 1992.

This category is open to manufacturers/suppliers of products for the electrical trade. The winning entry will be the one to demonstrate the best efficiencies and proven commercial success, showing that the industry has understood and embraced the technology. Testimonials from end-users are a useful addition to the main body of an entry.

Entrants are welcome to submit a summary of between 100-300 words long together with a main piece of 600 words.

The category was won by Firefly Fire Safety Clip by SWA Ltd in 2017.

The judges were extremely impressed with Firefly, praising it for being a “ great bit of kit that protects lives in the event of a fire. You can retro-fit it to all applications, effectively securing cables in escape routes.”

If you are a manufacturer or supplier we would highly encourage you to submit your best products to The Electrical Industry Awards before July 20th, which you can do by clicking the link: