Fuuse increase public charging utilisation by 85 per cent with pilot of latest charger promotion features

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  Posted by: electime      27th January 2023

EV charging platform, Fuuse, are raising visibility for public chargers through integrations with Zap-Map, Google Maps and Apple Maps and popular in-car navigators; and agreements with popular charge card networks.  These latest charger promotion features, piloted by community benefit society and charge point operators, Charge My Street, officially launched this week, enabling organisations with public chargers to advertise live charger status to more EV drivers.

Through a series of partnerships and integrations, Fuuse can now offer their clients wider exposure for public chargers and increased visibility amongst drivers.  Drivers can now find Fuuse powered chargers through their preferred map tools, see real time availability of those chargers, and check whether they are currently working.

Drivers can also access Fuuse chargers through preferred charge card suppliers, including Paua, Allstar and Octopus Electroverse, with more partnerships to be announced as the team build out their new public offering.

Fuuse piloted their new charger promotion services with Lancashire based Charge My Street, who install and operate community funded public EV charge points.  The results were instant, with an immediate uplift in unique drivers, charging sessions and revenue seen in the first month.  Last month, Charge My Street chargers saw an 80 per cent increase in unique drivers and an 85 per cent increase in charging sessions, since before the trial began. Resulting revenues had increased by 246 per cent between September (before Charge My Street chargers were made visible across Fuuse charger promotion services) and December.

Daniel Heery – Director of Strategy at Charge My Street explains the benefit the latest mapping and charge card integrations have made:

“Charge My Street is committed to making the charging experience as simple as possible.  Integrating with eMobility Service Providers like Allstar, Electroverse and Paua opens up the network to more drivers and helps increase usage.  The Fuuse team have really delivered on the technical integrations – letting us get on with growing our network!”

Dan Lucy Lloyd, Chief Projects Officer for Fuuse said: “We are delighted to offer increased exposure of our clients’ chargers with these latest integrations.  Not only are we delivering on our promise to help operators get more from their chargers by increasing utilisation and revenue potential, but we are also playing our part in making public chargers more accessible to all EV drivers.

In many regions across the UK, there are perceptions that there are not enough available chargers to meet public demand.  Whilst there are indeed efforts that need to be made to increase overall charging infrastructure to support EV rollout in the UK, we must make better use of existing chargers that have been strategically placed to serve communities and visitors.

Enabling our clients to push their chargers publicly across the most popular navigation systems and charge card networks aims to dispel concerns over available charging facilities, whilst benefitting charge point operators.”

With Fuuse, clients are able to fully configure their EV chargers, including making them visible to the public, setting desired opening times and managing multiple tariffs, or choosing to keep their chargers private for restricted use.  Enhanced features of the charging software include enterprise level smart charging capabilities, remote maintenance and energy monitoring and management.

These latest charger promotion features are preliminary to the ongoing development of comprehensive charging solutions for public charging, with additional tools to be launched in the coming months.