Increased Government Support Drives New Demand for Heat Pumps

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  Posted by: electime      4th October 2023

The recent announcement of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme rising to £7500 has resulted in higher demand for heat pumps. New research from The Eco Experts reveals that UK-based searches for ‘heat pump grant’ hit its highest point this year.

According to Google Trends data, during the week following the £7,500 heat pump grant announcement, UK user search interest for heat pumps peaks at a score of 100 – for the first time this year.

Additionally, The Eco Experts Heat Pumps Grants and Heat Pumps Costs guides have seen a huge spike in traffic, with traffic increasing by 239 per cent and 389 per cent respectively, in comparison to the week before.

Google Trends Heat Pump Grant Data for the Past 12 months:

The heat pump grant is set to increase from the base level of £5000 to £7500 on the 23rd of October this year. This will now cover roughly 75% of the cost of a heat pump.

There is clearly increased demand for greener heating in the UK, but the high upfront cost is a significant barrier for many. With government incentives clearly having a positive impact, Sunak should now look to increase grants for other green measures – such as solar panels, insulation, and double glazing’

The Eco Experts editor Charlie Clissitt commented on the findings – “It’s very encouraging to see people in the UK respond so quickly and enthusiastically to the increased Boiler Upgrade Scheme. It just goes to show how much of a blocker high prices can be to green progress. However, heat pumps are only part of the solution; Sunak really needs to take a look at other green schemes and see if he can increase their funding too, such as the Great British Insulation Scheme, and ECO4’.