JustPark partners with Zap-Map to bring community charging to the masses with 800 new EV chargers

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  Posted by: electime      27th April 2021

  • Hundreds of charge points are operated by JustPark’s community of space owners, located on private land such as driveways, small business forecourts and churchyards. This is known as community charging
  • Zap-Map is the leading EV mapping service for drivers to locate available charge points, plan their electric journeys and share updates with other EV drivers
  • The JustPark charge points will augment the existing Zap-Home network of home chargers; for the first time charge points can be reserved in advance by drivers to provide reassurance they will be available on arrival
  • JustPark and Zap-Map are calling upon EV owners to make their private charge points public and help build a community network of EV charge points

JustPark, will initially make more than 800 electric vehicle (EV) charging points available on the Zap-Map platform from June 2021, with new locations continually added thereafter to reflect the rapid growth of JustPark’s network. These charge points, initially those located on residential driveways, will form part of the Zap-Home network.

This new partnership between JustPark and Zap-Map will add a significant number of new residential points to the map. Currently Zap-Map has over 1200 Zap-Home points available and the addition of the JustPark chargers will take the number to over 2000.  Visible to more than 150,000 monthly Zap-Map users, EV drivers will be able to search for JustPark chargers close to them, then pre-book and pay via the Zap-Map app to ensure they have a guaranteed space and charger.

This month saw the highest ever monthly sales of EVs and there are now close to 500,000 EVs on the road, accounting for 13.8 per cent of all new car sales in the UK.  As more and more drivers go electric and with around 40 per cent of UK households not having access to off street parking, new solutions for local charging are important. In addition to the planned expansion of the standard public charging network, community charging, the sharing of charge points available on private land, will be increasingly important. This is why JustPark and Zap-Map are calling upon EV owners to turn their private home chargers into publicly available units for the local community.

Anthony Eskinazi, founder and CEO of JustPark, said: “It’s understandable that EV ownership today is heavily weighted towards people lucky enough to have their own driveway to charge on. We need charging solutions that allow all EV drivers to easily and reliably recharge their car, and not force them to only rely on city centre chargers. By hosting our community of charge point owners on Zap-Map, we are ensuring that as many people as possible have access to reliable, affordable EV charging.”

Ben Lane, co-founder and CTO of Zap-Map said “The public charging network is expanding rapidly, but there is a real need for community charging closer to home. This new partnership with JustPark means EV drivers can more easily share their home chargers, giving Zap-Map users even more choice in finding a suitable charger when visiting new places away from home, or in their own backyard.”