KNIPEX launches the StepCut XL

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  Posted by: electime      5th June 2024

 Effort-saving cutting, even when tackling large-stranded cables

With the new KNIPEX StepCut XL cable shears, even large-diameter stranded cables can now be cut easily and conveniently. A front cutting edge for step-by-step cutting (nibbling) and a stepped main cutting edge enables a significant reduction in the effort required.

The successful KNIPEX StepCut is now available in an XL format (95 18 225) with an additional front cutting edge, specially developed for cables with larger cross-sections. The powerful cable shears with enormous capacity facilitate the cutting of solid copper and aluminium cables up to a cross-section of 35 mm2, stranded cables up to 70 mm2. Fine-stranded cables can be cut up to a cross-section of 120 mm2. The KNIPEX StepCut XL is not suitable for steel-reinforced cables such as ACSR.

Thanks to the power joint, long handles and optimised cutting edges, the effort required is noticeably reduced. Two cutting areas make the tool particularly convenient: a front cutting edge for cutting very large cables step by step with an ergonomic handle width and a stepped main cutting edge. The gradations of the main cutting edge in turn ensure that the cable is always held as close as possible to the joint during the cutting process and therefore less cutting force is required due to the more favourable leverage ratios.

An anti-pinch guard also prevents injuries, the screwed joint can be readjusted and makes the cable shears precise and smooth-running. The KNIPEX StepCut XL is made from special tool steel of exceptional quality, forged and oil-hardened, the cutting edges are also laser-hardened.

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