New Cloud function for Scolmore’s Click Smart range

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  Posted by: electime      5th June 2019

Check out the new product in these YouTube videos:

Scolmore has updated the App for its Click Smart range with a new feature that the company is calling the ‘cloud function’. It will provide access to Click Smart installations through the internet, allowing secure control of devices from anywhere in the world – from simple dimming and switching, to more sophisticated controls like live status, scenes and schedules.

Until now access to Click Smart through any smart device or tablet was only really possible when you were local to the network. With the new cloud function, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, simply get online and control your click Smart installations using Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G.

If you already have Click Smart with a Smart box, this is simply an update to the App which means all previously created settings, scenes and schedules will still be available.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the Click Smart Box and App can be easily integrated into a new or existing Click Smart installation and just requires broadband connection. It provides an easy, quick and relatively inexpensive way to adapt and update a home to provide extra security, energy saving, comfort and control. Installation of Click Smart is simple & flexible, with no additional cables or wall cutting needed. Receivers can be installed behind light fittings or into suitable installation boxes and can be utilised with existing wiring.

Comprising three basic components, Click Smart Box, RF Receivers and a Smart Phone, the system is a high end, professional one which is very competitively priced and has been designed with installers in mind. It can add functionality to already installed Click Smart receivers, or it can be installed from scratch on a brand new build and it enables automation via phone for the whole family or team.

Unlike competitor products, critical information is stored within the Smart Box, not the phone, making it easy if a phone needs to be upgraded or other users added – without affecting the settings. With all the settings stored on the Smart Box, there is no need to programme and install all the elements onto each individual phone.

Multiple users can use the system to control their home or building premises. The smart box and applications enable up to 40 receivers to be controlled by up to 8 paired phones/tablets. Up to 40 Click Smart receivers can be assigned to one Smart Box and up to 40 rooms/locations can be added. This makes the system suitable for a range of installations from small to large. Click smart receivers can be controlled on an individual basis, and up to 20 receivers can be controlled with a single press using the ‘scene’ setup.

With up to 8 smart devices being able to control the receivers through one smart box, and up to 6 smart boxes controlled through one application, the flexibility to customise this system is clear to see. For a large installation, for example, multiple smart boxes can be used, all controlled by the same Phone and app – up to 240 receivers from 6 smart boxes.

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