New figures reveal most stolen van models in the UK – is YOURS on the list?

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  Posted by: electime      2nd November 2023

According to the DVLA, 11,714 vans were stolen in the UK over the past year.

Data obtained through a Freedom of Information request by Ed-Lock reveals that Ford is the most commonly stolen van brand, with 2,403 reported thefts this year. In fact, Ford makes up seven of the top ten most frequently stolen van models.

Mercedes-Benz is the second most stolen brand, with the Sprinter 313 CDI being the most frequently stolen van model for the second consecutive year. Nissan is the third most commonly stolen van brand.

Overall, van thefts have decreased from 15,270 reported cases in the UK in 2022 to 11,714 this year, though Nissan stands out with a 56.1 per cent increase, now totaling 320 reports.

It’s worth noting that vehicle thefts tend to spike in November and December, with the number of reported cases likely to increase in the coming months.

On the other hand, Renault is the least targeted van brand, with only 82 reported thefts this year.

The 10 Most Frequently Stolen Van Models in 2023

  1. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 313 CDI – 727 thefts
  2. Ford Transit 350 – 713 thefts
  3. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 314 CDI – 503 thefts
  4. Ford Transit 125 T350 RWD – 323 thefts
  5. Ford Transit Custom 290 Eco-Tech – 248 thefts
  6. Ford Transit 350 LEADER EcoBlue – 192 thefts
  7. Ford Transit Custom 270 Eco-Tech – 187 thefts
  8. Ford Transit 100 T280 FWD – 175 thefts
  9. Ford Transit 115 T350L RWD – 163 thefts
  10. Nissan Navara Tekna DCI Auto – 155 thefts

The data also reveals that white vans are most likely to disappear from roads, with a total of 8,305 white vans reported stolen this year. Additionally, London is the most prolific area in the UK for registered van thefts, for the second year running.

Vehicle security experts at Ed-Lock provide their advice on how to keep your van safe, regardless of the make or model.

“As we veer closer to winter, it’s more important than ever for van owners to implement security features to protect their vehicles.

Ford and Mercedez-Benz owners should be extra vigilant of the higher risk; whilst Renault van owners can take some comfort in the brand’s low theft rate. However, no one is immune to theft and all van owners should exercise caution.

Criminals are becoming increasingly smart and finding new methods to get into vehicles. This can include key cloning, where transmitters can intercept signals from cars.

We urge van drivers not to leave valuables in cars, especially in plain sight, and to invest in anti-theft features like steering wheel locks, alarms, and immobilisers. Always remember to lock your van when not in use, secure all windows and doors, and choose well-lit, visible areas to park up.

Comprehensive vehicle insurance won’t prevent theft, but can offer financial protection in case of an unfortunate event.”