New fleet of ecologically-advanced trucks named by EWRG at special ceremony

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  Posted by: electime      5th April 2019

When it came to naming their fleet of highly sustainable trucks, EWRG didn’t do things by halves – from a hog roast to truck tours and a special launch courtesy of the MD, Michael Bishop

With an extensive list of VIP customers and suppliers from across the UK, plus appearances by the Deputy Mayor and Mayoress of Huddersfield, EWRG’s event to launch their fleet of nine Electrical Waste Recycling Trucks was a great success.

EWRG have driven investment towards ensuring the fleet are up to date with vehicle emission standards to meet inner city emission requirements. The new fleet of trucks are packed with the latest driver aids, five camera safety aids with real-time recording, plus pedestrian and cyclist safety devices. They are also monitored in real time to ensure driver efficiency, measuring braking, acceleration and idle times.

‘When choosing our new fleet we recognised the need to keep investing in the latest technology to minimise the environmental impact we all have,’ EWRG’s MD Michael Bishop told us, ‘We’re also ensuring that we can efficiently respond to our customer demands and needs – our new fleet will give us increased flexibility to match that. It’s another step forward for us and we will continue to provide the best customer service and experience in dealing with the growing mountain of electrical waste.’

With the startling news that the UK creates 1.4million tons of waste in a year and ranks sixth in the world in terms of total amount, the fleet network has never been more important. EWRG will provide an invaluable service across the whole of the UK to dispose of Electrical Waste safely, and dramatically reduce these statistics.

Attendees of the fleet launch not only had the chance to sit in the cabs and see the world through the fleet’s drivers’ eyes, but also to tour one of the UK’s leading Waste Electrical Treatment facilities where EWRG recycle 98 per cent of the waste they treat. The announcement of the trucks’ names was a significant part of the day, and after a competition run by EWRG encouraging customers, suppliers, staff and drivers to come up with names for each truck, nine names were chosen by a secret panel. With over a hundred names to choose from, the final nine were:

  • Donald Dump
  • Lamborgreenie
  • Recyclesaurus Rex
  • Recycletron
  • Bin Diesel
  • R2WEEE2
  • OhWEEE van Kenobi
  • Bumble WEEE
  • Artic-WEEElated

‘We wanted to have some fun with the fleet by giving some personality to each of the new trucks,’ says Shaun Donaghey, Group Manager at EWRG. ‘We also wanted to stick to a theme around the environment, while bringing a smile to our customers’ faces as the fleet travels across the whole of the UK.’