New High Output LED GU10 Lamps by Meridian

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  Posted by: electime      1st August 2023


Meridian Lighting have introduced an advanced range of high output LED GU10 lamps at very affordable prices. Available in 3 colour output options – 3000/Warm white, 4000/Cool white and 6500/Daylight, this new LAGU series comprises 4.5W and 4.9W non-dimmable plus 4.5W dimmable versions.

 Whilst delivering high lumen outputs of 345 Lm and 500 Lm respectively, comprises the key point of difference for these lamps, they also feature instant non-flickering light, are mercury free and have no UV output.

 Manufactured with a polycarbonate resistant cover and lamp base, these ultra modern  GU10s feature a lightweight thermal shell in order to dissipate heat more effectively.

This excellent value for money range is UK/CA, CE and MEPS approved and ERP2 compliant. Stocks of all GU10 variants are fully available with the 4.5W non dimmable lamp also sold in multi pack format.

For further information please call 0208 503 8500 or visit