New opportunities announced by UK Power Networks’ Distribution System Operator

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  Posted by: electime      19th June 2023

Latest tender will see nearly 100MW of supply and demand opportunities auctioned.

UK Power Networks has launched more opportunities for organisations to provide electricity flexibility across London, the East and South East to help free up almost 100MW of electrical capacity.

Last month UK Power Networks launched its Distribution System Operator (DSO) to help enable the uptake of low carbon technologies like electric vehicles, heat pumps and renewable energy generation, quicker and at lower cost.

With electricity demand forecasted to double by 2050, finding smart and flexible ways to provide the power needed, been identified as a vital way to help the country meet its Net Zero targets. It can make a significant difference to shift the times when electricity is made or used, for example, by charging an electric vehicle in the morning rather than in the evening to even out the peaks and troughs of energy use.

In the last financial year UK Power Networks attracted 37 organisations to provide 1467MW of flexible electrical capacity. Now UK Power Networks’ DSO is looking for new providers to support flexibility in 22 zones through the provision of 98MW of capacity. It is offering organisations unprecedented benefits, including low minimum capacity thresholds, flexible metering requirements and high levels of support from its in-house team.

UK Power Networks is aiming to save £410 million on what would have been required on upgrading its network to 2028, through developing and supporting flexibility markets.

Sotiris Georgiopoulos, director of DSO said: “Flexibility is at the heart of a smart, affordable energy system. We’re seeing increasing participation in the marketplace and are keen to open it up to even more providers, offering new income streams while delivering tangible benefits to our customers.”

Archy de Berker, Co-Founder of Axle Energy, said: “Flexibility is a fast-growing market and offers a tremendous opportunity for new entrants to get involved. UK Power Networks’ dedicated flexibility team have been hugely supportive and we’re excited to work closely with them to unlock new sources of domestic energy flexibility.”

The opportunities are available on the UK Power Networks Flexibility Hub. To learn more about participating in the latest tender, email to set up a call.