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  Posted by: electime      5th March 2019

Niglon, the leading supplier of electrical accessories and consumables, is showcasing the combination of quality, high-end design and affordability across some of its most popular wiring accessory ranges with a new display unit and brochures.

Designed for counter-top display within wholesale environments, the sturdy new dispensers are clearly branded with the Niglon logo and the familiar purple colourway that indicates the wiring accessories section of the Niglon catalogue. Full colour images are complemented by the logos of each of the ranges included in the new suite of four brochures: Ultima, Premium Edge S, Profile and Artic Edge.

The new dispenser provides a tiered display for the new brochures, enabling contractors to select the brochure of their choice from the display.

Paul Dawson, commercial director at Niglon, comments: “Our goal is to make high end wiring accessories more accessible for contractors – that’s why over the last two years we have launched 9 new ranges and why we have produced these brochures for our Ultima, Premium Edge S, Profile and Artic Edge ranges.

“Contractors can select the brochure they’re looking for quickly and easily and each has been designed to display the products in the range and explain all the features and benefits.”

Each of the landscape format brochures includes the contact details and website for Niglon at the bottom of each page and has detailed descriptions of the products, along with high quality photography.

The Ultima brochure highlights the top of the range screwless accessories with stainless steel faceplates, available in a brushed or polished chrome effect finish, with black, white or grey insert options to complement interior design choices.

The Premium Edge S brochure details the contemporary, low profile decorative wiring accessories, which are manufactured with stainless steel faceplates, a brushed chrome effect finish and grey inserts.

Meanwhile, the Artic Edge Brochure showcases the square-edged traditional sockets and switches available from this range, highlighting the robust Urea construction of these units and their crisp, white design.

Finally, the Profile brochure, summarises the white moulded ultra-slim, smooth-edged sockets and switches from Niglon, manufactured in sturdy bright white Urea and offered with a 30-year guarantee.

Paul Dawson continues: “We offer more than 800 wiring accessory products across nine ranges and the new brochures highlight just some of the products we’ve developed to provide a combination of quality, style and affordability unlike anything else available.

“We think the new brochures will be an eye-opener for contractors, who may not be aware of the design values and quality of manufacture we can offer at such a competitive price.”