Nonprofit drives UK carbon neutrality efforts with NetSuite

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  Posted by: electime      8th November 2019

Zero Carbon World, a UK nonprofit dedicated to the adoption of electric vehicles, is using Oracle NetSuite to support its vision of creating a sustainable and equitable decarbonised society. With NetSuite, Zero Carbon World has been able to expand its national open source charging network for electric vehicles – removing a key barrier to electric vehicle adoption – and proactively help reduce carbon emissions in the UK.

Founded in 2011 by electrical engineer Kevin Sharpe, Zero Carbon World set out to help the UK reduce carbon emissions by providing the charging infrastructure to support the adoption of electric vehicles. Through ZeroNet, a national network of nearly 700 charging stations for electric vehicles, Zero Carbon World donates unrestricted, open source charging points to hotels, restaurants and popular tourist attractions to give drivers a free charge. To support its growth as it introduces more charging stations across the country, Zero Carbon World needed an integrated platform to streamline donor management, increase visibility of charging station supplies and support its expanding workforce of installation experts. To support these goals and ensure it could keep its time and resources focused on achieving its vision, Zero Carbon World selected NetSuite.

“The UK’s Road to Zero strategy aims to ensure all new vehicles are zero emission by 2040, but in order for that strategy to be successful, the infrastructure needs to be put in place so drivers are comfortable investing in electric vehicles,” said Cara Naden, director and trustee, Zero Carbon World. “At Zero Carbon World, we believe that the UK’s dependence on an unsustainable carbon-based economy limits the potential for growth, innovation and wellbeing and we want to start changing that today. By streamlining so much of what we do, NetSuite allows us to stay focused on our vision and the important work our team is doing every day to help support a decarbonised future.”

With NetSuite, Zero Carbon World has been able to take advantage of a single platform to automate and streamline key business functions, including supply chain, customer relationship management and inventory management, and integrate applications for new charging stations. The powerful business management capabilities within NetSuite have enabled Zero Carbon World to increase engagement with its network of supporters, accurately track donations, launch crowdfunding campaigns to support new projects, and streamline the management of third-party installation experts. As a result, Zero Carbon World is on course to install 1,000 charging stations in support of the Department for Transport’s target of 1.2 million plug-in cars on the road by 2020.

“Transport emissions make up 40 percent of the UK’s carbon output and Zero Carbon World has developed a proactive, innovative model to help combat this issue,” said Nicky Tozer, VP, EMEA, Oracle NetSuite. “By enabling the Zero Carbon World team to streamline the way it operates, we are privileged to help grow ZeroNet and allow the team to invest more time and resources towards the important work it does.”

NetSuite supports more than 1,500 nonprofits and social enterprises globally. Zero Carbon World most recently benefitted from Suite Pro Bono as part of the NetSuite Social Impact program, which provides nonprofit and social enterprises with coaching and support from NetSuite employees. The organisation also benefits from Suite Donation, which helps nonprofits benefit from the power of technology by providing discounted licensing.