O2: the eco-friendly ceiling luminaire

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  Posted by: electime      6th December 2019

RICOMAN launched the O2 600×600 customisable modular luminaire with several unique features. One is that it uses around 94% less plastics than a standard LED panel and at the end of its lifetime the modules can be simply and easily replaced. Another is that O2 offers different optical options: opal diffuser for general lighting, LG7 profiled diffuser for ceiling illumination, louvre grid reflector for glare control, recessed aperture for exceptional glare control or wallwasher optic for even light distribution onto walls. Colour temperature, dimming, control and mounting options complete the versatility of O2, making it a truly sustainable and attractive grid ceiling lighting solution.

For more details, follow the link: https://www.ricomanled.com/product-cat/led-panel-lights/