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New Hager initiative designed to support educational establishments
Provision of market-leading products, learning aids and technical support enhance learning experience for tomorrow’s electricians

Hager will play its part supporting the development of the next generation of UK electricians at a time when the Government is committed to delivering 3 million apprenticeships by 2020.

Its new ‘Partners in Education’ initiative will see Hager partner with a number of further education colleges across the UK to help enhance the learning experience for budding electricians.

The initiative, which was launched in 2017, is designed to provide practical and educational support for colleges charged with teaching electrical apprentices and students.

To support this, Hager is making available a range of equipment from its broad product portfolio. This will allow students to benefit from working with the very latest product models in the classroom as they begin their journey towards qualification as an electrician.

In addition, Hager is delivering further support through a range of technical materials such as an easy-to-understand materials reference guide to explain industry terminology to those new to the sector and interactive training classes with Hager’s technical experts. The company has also extended an open invitation for students and teaching staff to visit its manufacturing and training facility in Telford.

Paul Collins, training manager at Hager, said: “We have been delighted with the positive response from colleges around the UK to our innovative ‘Partners in Education’ initiative. I am well aware of the frustrations the teaching profession has when using substandard and overused equipment as teaching aids in the classroom. At a time when every penny counts across the education system, it is important that Hager, as a major manufacturer, can support colleges in this manner.

“By partnering with a number of teaching establishments, we are able to provide access to the very latest technology and product solutions. This optimises the opportunity for students and apprentices to work with market leading products such as Hager’s MCBs and RCDs. In addition, we are providing a range of marketing materials such as posters and guides that colleges can use to further enhance their students’ learning experience.”

As part of the initiative, Hager also plans to sponsor prizes for a number of ‘Top Student’ awards for individual colleges, as well as offering an innovative service where colleges can request replacement components rather than ordering complete units, such as instances when a terminal fails on a consumer unit.

Helen Hampton from Bridgend College, which is taking part in the initiative, comments: “We are pleased to have Hager’s support. Being able to offer our students the opportunity to work with quality products not only enables them to install accessories far more easily, but also to a higher standard. We’re looking forward to working with Hager in this exciting partnership to help train the electricians of tomorrow.”

Paul Collins concluded: “It is vital that the whole industry gets behind the development of tomorrow’s generation of electricians. By helping students and apprentices commence their careers with access to quality learning products, as well as the ability to utilise helpful teaching aids and technical support, Hager is playing its part in this important objective. The Hager ‘Partners in Education’ initiative has got off to a great start, and we are determined to build upon its success to reach as many apprentices and students as possible.”

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