Red Arrow’s re-branding process is growing at an astonishing speed

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  Posted by: electime      9th December 2020

Red Arrow’s re-branding process is growing at an astonishing speed – with a redesigned product guide, a Product Development initiative and their new fully-equipped 55,000sq ft warehouse and logistics facility. Having undergone an extreme makeover since its acquisition in March, the new facility has been designed with excellent customer service at the forefront…

Project: Transform an empty shell into a state-of-the-art warehouse and office space, designed with electricians and wholesalers in mind.

The brief: Focused on Red Arrow’s transformation as a leading manufacturer of high-quality LED lighting solutions, the team needed a modern and efficient sales, marketing and logistics facility in the UK. One that would allow them to provide wholesale customers – and their customers – with a first-class service, all in one place. Also, this new facility would enable Red Arrow to extend their service levels, such as the introduction of next day delivery and their 7am-7pm order service.

Ultimately, Red Arrow’s aim from the outset was to provide a more informative and immersive experience for customers.

Designing the facility: When Red Arrow acquired the empty warehouse in March, no one had truly anticipated the full impact of the pandemic on the industry. However, aside from delayed plans, Red Arrow succeeded in opening as a warehouse in July, and then as a fully functional facility in August.

Starting with the installation of a fully racked warehouse, Red Arrow used the Six Sigma methodology in planning the most efficient routes and practices for the best possible stock control, picking and packing. Following this method, they have improved their processes, increased performance and created more efficient warehouse operations.

Fully focused on the customer experience, the team also developed incredible testing facilities for technical services. Installing a dedicated temperature-controlled environment with a new integrating sphere and photometric equipment, Red Arrow have enabled full testing of new products. Plus, product comparisons and production of full photometric performance data, including lumen output, colour temperature and distribution curves and data. And not forgetting their new lab area, which allows customers to operate products in different environments and test performance characteristics under different operating parameters, such as orientation and voltage variations.

To support the logistics side of the business, Red Arrow then developed new offices on two levels, providing space for stock control, sales, finance, marketing and lighting design. Alongside a new lighting studio, a conference facility with diverse demonstration and AV solutions, and staff facilities.

Products supplied:

The warehouse: Using a combination of LED High-bay types suitable for the different needs, Red Arrow installed Linear High-bay with dimming, movement and light sensors to light the picking faces more efficiently in the racking.

In general lighting areas, the highly efficient Commando High-bay has proved essential in areas such as picking and packing. Providing good colour quality, it’s ideal in an open warehouse with its 70-degree polycarbonate reflector, plus dimming, movement and light sensing capability.

The office: With each activity in this space requiring different lighting needs, Red Arrow used a combination of the latest back-lit LED Panels, High efficiency LED Downlights and slimline wall mounted LED Fittings. With good colour clarity and appearance, these installations have created an energy-efficient atmosphere that the team are proud to work in.

Reception areas: Creating different effects and providing scene-setting capabilities, Red Arrow used a combination of LED Linear, downlighting and task lighting in this area.

Result: The overall experience of Red Arrow is changing and with this new, fully-equipped facility, customers and installers are now able to see exactly what Red Arrow’s products can offer. Taking out the guesswork and providing full support and technical know-how all under one roof.