Scolmore Group supports World Standards Day

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  Posted by: electime      13th October 2023

As we approach World Standards Day, Manuela Rubino Courtney, Group Legal & Compliance Manager, Scolmore Group, takes a look at the meaning behind this annual event, its growing significance as we strive for a sustainable future and the importance of standards for product development.

Saturday, 14th October 2023 marks World Standards Day.  Taking place every year, World Standards Day (WSD) offers an opportunity to raise awareness and increase understanding of the importance of standardization, and to pay tribute to the combined efforts of thousands of experts worldwide who develop the voluntary technical agreements that are published as International Standards.  It is a collaborative initiative of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), who each year develop campaign elements to empower the global community to join the movement.

The theme for this year’s World Standards Day is ‘a shared vision for a better world’.  World Standards Day envisions a world that is better, fairer and more sustainable, prioritising the well-being and health of all.

Standards touch almost every part of our daily lives.  They ensure that products and services work the way that we expect them to, making life safer and more enjoyable.

Across the Scolmore Group of companies we strive to ensure that all our products are manufactured in compliance with all applicable Technical Standards.  We also strongly believe that our long-term business success and continuous growth is only possible by operating responsibly and supporting the society in alignment with Universal Standards.   This is why we pursue our growth in a sustainable way, by taking care of the well-being of our human capital, the communities in which we operate as well as the planet, in a compliant and responsible way.

We have recently launched the Scolmore Code of Ethics which crystallises the universal standards informing the way we conduct our business.

We pride ourselves on the rigorous testing we put our products through and the highest quality standards we adhere to.   All Click Scolmore BS1363 socket outlets, for example, bear the BSI Kitemark and the company has held this certification for over 25 years – a clear demonstration of the company’s commitment to adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety of the products it supplies to the professional electrical market.   The BSI Kitemark was first registered in 1903 and is a highly recognized quality mark which confirms that a product or service has been thoroughly tested and checked, time and again, and proven to meet a recognised industry standard or need. BSI Kitemark certification gives a product or service immediate status and this in turn provides confidence throughout the supply chain from wholesaler, contractor to the end user or consumer.