Still work to be done on the heat pump skills gap, says HHIC

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  Posted by: electime      21st September 2023

In response to the recent speech outlining Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s new approach to net zero, Stewart Clements, Director of the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC), commented:

“Following yesterday’s speech made by the Prime Minister, we welcome the time afforded to make a more thought out and successful switch to low carbon heating. This will play a pivotal role in our journey in achieving net zero and decarbonising homes across the country.

“The 50% increase in financial support provided through the enhanced Boiler Upgrade Scheme and Great British Insulation Scheme will undoubtedly incentivise the switch to heat pumps for more homeowners. Such a positive initiative, however, requires a significantly larger number of installers than previously estimated, which the government must work with industry to address.

“Data gathered by the HHIC suggests that to meet the Government’s ambitious heat pump installation target of 600,000, we require 100,000 installers more than the Government’s prediction of 50,000 – a figure almost equivalent to the entire Gas Safe Register. This shows the need for further support in addressing the current skills gap to meet the expected rise in demand for low carbon heating.

“Decarbonising the heating economy is possible, yet it will require a collaborative effort from manufacturers, trade associations and the Government to achieve the long-term goals outlined by the Prime Minister. Incentivising heating engineers to add heat pump installation to their offering will prove invaluable to the Government if they are determined to meet their ambitious 2030 targets related to net zero.”

To download the report and find out more about the research, visit the HHIC Website here.