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  Posted by: electime      29th October 2020

This November is Movember and at the Electrical Industries Charity we’re highlighting some of the most prevalent issues facing men today. The electrical and energy sector consists of 85 per cent men and on average men are 12 x less likely than women to go see a doctor for both their physical and mental health. 

While we often think of women as the victim of domestic abuse 786,000 men every year experience domestic abuse. Simon, a 43-year-old electrician within the construction industry, sought assistance from the Electrical Industries Charity nearly two years ago. He had worked in the sector for 15 years before being made redundant. Alongside the stress of his redundancy Simon was struggling at home living in an abusive and controlling relationship. 

Simon and his partner had been married for some years and had three children aged 18, 13 and 10. Their relationship had deteriorated, and Simon’s wife had become extremely volatile with Simon. Two of their children struggled with disabilities, the eldest was almost profoundly deaf and his youngest had hip dysplasia. While Simon’s partner claimed numerous benefits for herself and their children, she refused to share this money and Simon was left to survive on a small carers allowance. 

Simon’s sense of self worth and mental state was at an ultimate low. His partner would demand him to buy food and force Simon to beg her for money for food and petrol. Simon had lost all confidence and was belittled, humiliated and abused daily in his own home. Simon had already joined a local support group for men living with domestic violence and it was here he was encouraged to file a police report and speak to social services regarding his children’s well-being. 

Simon approached the charity and ask for help with his dwindling finances. Simon was unable to leave the home on a small carers allowance and was reluctant to go into refuge facilities. He struggled to find a job and found his allowance barely enough to cover his essential outgoings. 

The Electrical Industries Charity awarded Simon a small financial grant to assist him with living expenses. With this grant Simon was able to leave his perpetrator and moved in temporarily with his sister. The Charity supported Simon with a listening ear and continued financial assistance while he tried to re-start his life. 

Simon hoped to have his children live with him once he had found suitable accommodation and the Charity wanted to ensure both him and his children would be safe and provided for. Communication between Simon and the Charity welfare team continued and while Simon began to get his life back on track, circumstances with his now ex-wife and children were breaking down. 

Simon’s ex-partner had begun to be violent towards their children and the police alongside social services had removed the children from the partner’s care. The three children now live with Simon in his sister’s home while he looks for a new home where they can all finally be safe. Simon is feeling much happier and is positive about a brighter future with his children by his side. The Electrical Industries Charity continue to support Simon and hope he continues along a positive pathway. 

The Electrical Industries Charity can help to provide a safe haven away from the turmoil of your home life. Their free and confidential hotline is open 365 days a year and their dedicated team of welfare workers are here to help you no matter your circumstance. It is important to seek help if you are living with domestic abuse and to remember you are not alone, the Electrical Industries Charity are here to help. You can contact the charity support team on or call 0800 652 1618