Top Tips to secure your van from Yale

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  Posted by: electime      11th May 2023

Yale’s Head of Trade, Matt Claydon, offers his top five practical ways to safeguard your van against attacks.

Owning a commercial van is a valuable asset for many, allowing us to transport equipment and move from job to job.

Unfortunately, van theft continues to be a major problem for tradespeople, with 35 per cent reporting an attempted break in over the last 12 months. And with the average tradesperson carrying around £4,300 worth of tools, protecting your van has never been more vital.

High in value and easy to move, vans will always remain a target of theft, but there are measures you can put in place to help keep your van safe. With over 180 years of experience providing security solutions across the UK, Yale are experts in helping to secure homes and businesses worldwide.

  1. Use a high-security van lock make of corrosion-resistant hardened steel that has been tested to meet British Standards EN12320:2012. This will not only deter criminals looking for a quick ‘grab and run’ attack, it will also secure your valuables and slow down any thieves that do decide to try their luck.
  2. Secure your valuable equipment using quality security cables and maximum-security padlocks that feature Boron shackles, proven to withstand cutting attempts and tested against British Standards.
  3. Opt to park in a well-lit area or consider installing an outdoor floodlight camera on your property to deter potential thieves and capture footage of any suspicious activity.
  4. Install a CCTV system with remote operation, night vision capabilities, and a high-quality light source, such as a 2,000-lumen floodlight, to provide evidence in case of theft.
  5. Our vans are essentially our office, and with so much to store in a limited space it can be hard to keep it tidy. However, taking the time to organise your van can help you to quickly identify any missing items and make it harder for thieves to snatch equipment and escape undetected.

Considering that van theft is projected to reach a staggering 20,000 incidents per year by 2030, it’s more important than ever for trade professionals to take action to enhance their van’s security measures. By following these practical tips, you can help ensure the safety of your valuable equipment and reduce the risk of theft.

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