Unicrimp’s Essential Cable Fixings

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  Posted by: electime      30th January 2024

Unicrimp, part of the Scolmore Group of companies, offers a range of comprehensive cable accessories through its extensive portfolio of Q-Crimp products which incorporates more than 19 different product categories including a wide variety of suitable fixings.

The range encompasses a variety of screws, nails and extra security or lightweight fixtures suited to a wide range of applications. These include various options appropriate for both interior and exterior use.

Part of the Q-Crimp fixings range are the durable Squarelock Woodscrews, ideal for hardwood, softwood, chipboard and fibreboards. They feature a square recess which allows for greater rotation and a more positive fastening than conventional cross and slotted screws.  The shank of the screw grips the wood and reduces the change of splitting. The Bright zinc plated steel screws are available in a variety of sizes to cover all requirements – from 8 x ¾” to 10 x 3”.

Developments also include the Catenary Wire, Jack Chains and associated accessory products. Catenary wire is used to create an overhead catenary to support pipes, banners, cables and lighting, for example. The Catenary Wire range comprises two lengths of 3mm galvanised steel wire rope (50 metres and 30 metres). Included in the Catenary accessories range are 3mm zinc electroplated steel wire rope grips; 3mm wire rope eyelets; M8 zinc plated strainer adjustable rigging screws; zinc electroplated steel wire hook wall plates and zinc electroplated steel wire ring plates.

Jack Chain is a flexible general-purpose chain used for a variety of applications including suspending luminaires and signage. Unicrimp’s steel Jack Chain is supplied in 10M lengths and also includes 25mm hook plates.

Also part of the collection are the Grommet Strip Edge Trim Rolls, which prove to be an essential piece of kit for consumer unit installation. The premium Grommet Strips are flexible, durable and are designed to protect cables from sharp and abrasive metal edges. They come in black and in 3m and 5m lengths but can be easily cut to the required size.

The Unicrimp catalogue which showcases the entire range of Q-Crimp accessories can be downloaded from the Unicrimp website – www.unicrimp.com  – as well as from the Scolmore Group app.