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  Posted by: electime      27th April 2020

When a tradesman accepts a job, they expect to head to the project site and complete it without any questions asked. However, that isn’t always the case.

Homeowners often request contractors to do way more than was originally agreed upon. These scenarios often create an uncomfortable situation for tradespeople.

What extra duties are oddly requested? People asking for ‘a quick favour’

Hiring a handyman doesn’t give a homeowner the right to request them to carry out tasks outside of their line of work, but it happens frequently. There are shocking favours asked of tradesmen. From communications with tradesmen over 2019 and into 2020 between MyJobQuote and UK homeowners, the list below of odd job requests are not ceasing and have likely been the “norm” for so many homeowners for decades.

If you are a tradesman, have these requests shifted your way?

If you are a homeowner, have you or your partner asked a tradesman to carry out one of these tasks.

  1. Answer the door: Over half of respondents say homeowners wanted them to see who was at the door after a knock.
  2. Pick up the phone: Not surprisingly, many also report being asked to answer the phone or even to make a phone call on the homeowner’s behalf.
  3. Play fetch with the dog: While some tradesmen like pets, not all do. However, many have been asked to watch the dogs or play with them.
  4. Asking for a lower price: Even after signing a contract, some people aren’t shy about asking for a better deal. It doesn’t matter how far along the tradesperson is before they make the request.
  5. Take out the bins: Clients sometimes treat tradesmen as housekeepers. Asking them to take out the trash or sweep the floor is very common.
  6. Babysit the kids: Perhaps the worst offence is asking a contractor to watch the kids for a few minutes, which almost 10% of tradesmen say has happened on the job.

 Fixing cowboy DIY jobs

 Homeowners often bite off more than they can chew when it comes to DIY jobs, and when they abandon their efforts, they call a tradesperson to clean up the mess. Over 55% of people have stopped a plumbing project because they needed help. Other commonly abandoned DIY projects include electrical work, white goods installation, tiling, and carpentry.

Do make sure you undertake the correct checks on tradesmen before hiring.

Unfortunately, the cost of abandoning DIY projects adds up fast. After doing some damage to their property, homeowners usually call in a tradesman to save the day. Something as seemingly simple as hanging an artwork display may end up leaving over £200 in damage if the homeowner doesn’t have the right tools. A bad paint job may cost about £300 to fix, and shoddy tile or floorboards may leave behind £300-£420 in damage.

There is good news for tradespeople, however. Even with DIY shows flooding the television, nearly 52% of Brits don’t feel comfortable fixing things around their house. Instead, they would prefer to call a professional to install a fixture or repair a leak.

However, tradesmen shouldn’t be surprised if they get the call to fix the homeowner’s work. The time and effort to repair the property may end up costing more than double what it would’ve cost if the homeowner had just hired a tradesperson from the start