Which tradespeople are the tidiest?

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  Posted by: electime      7th July 2021

Toolstation have looked into what the UK public think about different tradespeople, surveying 1020 people who have hired them recently and getting their opinions on some important factors. Ranking tradespeople across categories such as:

  • Most Tidy
  • Most Punctual
  • Hungriest

More categories are featured in the full study, in the piece we find that plumbers received a lot of praise for being most tidy, polite, trustworthy, punctual and most likely to meet a deadline but fell short when it came to the Best Banter category – maybe they are too focused on their work!

Although electricians did not finish first for any of these traits, they managed to get themselves a respectable rank on most of the boards, finishing second place for important categories like meeting deadlines, trustworthiness, manners and attention to detail. This gives electricians a great rep on the back of the study, as it seems the majority of those who took part in the survey rated the performance of their electricians highly!

Toolstation also rank trade ratings by region in the study, Plymouth received some impressive scores, finishing second for Value, Trustworthiness and Attention to Detail.

See the full study here: https://www.toolstation.com/content/traitsofthetrade