A series of online discussions by Trimble LUCKINS and leading PIM specialists NG15 Ltd

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  Posted by: electime      23rd July 2021

Trimble LUCKINS and leading PIM specialists NG15 Ltd have partnered together to provide a series of ‘online webinar discussions’ to help electrical manufacturers embrace digital transformation.

The Covid pandemic has accelerated the need for digitalisation and manufacturers are realising the value and importance of putting product data at the heart of their business. The supply of well structured, accurate and up-to-date product data for sales processes, and an urgency to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for product automation from distributors, wholesalers and other third parties, has never been more important.

LUCKINS and NG15’s data experts understand the challenges manufacturers face in implementing a ‘master data solution’ and during the webinar sessions, provide professional guidance on how best to tackle issues such as breaking down product data silos, managing resource and change, implementing product information technology (PIM), and getting ready for industry legislation and ETIM Classification.

The webinars also reveal that there is ‘more to LUCKINS than just pricing’, and how it is possible for manufacturers to tap into LUCKINS’s ‘enriched attribute data services’, helping them to accelerate their digitalisation journey.

Additionally, leading PIM provider NG15 Ltd, explain why investing in a PIM solution (such as e-Pim), is an essential tool for helping to structure, manage, maintain, automate and distribute product content to all marketing channels.

Each webinar allows plenty of time for manufacturers to discuss their data issues and put their product data questions, directly to the data experts. There has been some excellent feedback from the first sessions and as expected, people are generally concerned about the amount of work involved in becoming digitally fit, and ‘not aware’ of the help that can be made available.

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