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  Posted by: electime      14th November 2023

Green Careers Week, 6-11 November, raised awareness of careers in renewable energy and heating.

In pursuit of the UK’s Net Zero targets, green careers are in demand now more than ever. But what is a ‘green career’ and why should you consider one? MCS recently caught up with a few of its contractors to find out their thoughts, experiences, and advice on green careers.

MCS’s catch up with Emma Bohan, General Manager of South Yorkshire-based IMS Heat Pumps. is available here, and Nick Salini’s, Director of Thermal Earth Ltd., is available here.

Claire Enstone, Director of Technical at Eco2Solar:

Eco2Solar installs solar PV technology across England and Scotland, specialising in new-build residential installations. They exclusively use in-roof solar PV products on pitched-roof homes and install ballasted systems on flat roofs so that apartment blocks can benefit from solar too.

According to Claire, a green career is one that actively tackles environmental issues and works towards a more sustainable future. Eco2Solar offer a range of green careers, from roles out in the field installing, to in the office designing, selling, and delivering. Claire considers all of these job roles as ‘green’, as it’s a collective effort across the business to meet their sustainable objectives.

Claire believes that pursuing a green career is an investment in your future. “You’re unlikely to ever be out of a job! The need for renewable energy will be continuous, and the fight against climate change has only just begun so there is lots of work to do.”

Claire says that Eco2Solar are continuously seeing an increase in the demand for domestic solar PV. “All of our work is tied to the new-build housing industry, so the recent changes in Building Regulations means that solar PV will need to be included on most homes built going forwards. This is a great step in the right direction, not just for us but for homeowners too as they will have the ability to generate their own green electricity for free!”

With the renewable industry as a whole being a male dominated sector, we asked Claire her thoughts on how we can get more women into green careers. “We have come a long way in the last 10-20 years but there is still a huge gender gap in this industry, just like many others.” Claire believes that visibility of women in the sector is key – “we need more female role models to be visible to girls at a young age, educating them and inspiring them to seek new opportunities.” We agree Claire.

From talking to our contractors, it’s clear that a green career is future-proof, exciting and rewarding career path. To find out more about green careers and the current opportunities available, visit the Green Careers Hub now.