Dentsu, in partnership with Generation C, launches green skills curriculum to prepare the future workforce for the jobs of tomorrow

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  Posted by: electime      27th November 2023

Five schools across the UK begin teaching the climate-focused lessons

Global marketing and advertising network dentsu has joined Generation C, a climate education provider, to develop a series of fully-funded interdisciplinary resources intended to upskill young people across the UK on sustainability and climate change.

The bespoke learning resources are the latest evolution of dentsu’s multi-award winning social impact programme The Code, which aims to strengthen the pipeline of future talent by addressing the climate change “green skills” shortage and inspire the next generation of changemakers. Dentsu’s social impact strategy recently picked up the award for Best Practice in Sustainability Award – Large Agency in Campaign’s Ad Net Zero Awards.

The innovative pilot has just commenced and will run throughout the winter term, with five primary and secondary schools participating in Manchester, Kent, Dartford, and London. The resources thread into the current National Curriculum learning objectives and will focus on sustainable consumption for the current academic term. After the pilot, the resources will be made available for all schools to access from 2024 onwards via an online platform.

The resources aim to connect theory with practical application, instil sustainable behaviour change, and spark proactive conversations and solutioning around real-world business challenges. The case studies examined have been compiled through the lens of clients that dentsu represents worldwide. By connecting interdisciplinary projects, critical thinking and creative thinking to theory-based learning, children are exposed to the mindsets, behaviours, and roles that may be open to them in the future and develop skills that allow them to flourish.

Dentsu’s partnership with Generation C embraces its Sanpo Yoshi philosophy – the concept of achieving three-way satisfaction by pursuing actions that benefit not only business but also people and society. This principle guides dentsu in developing sustainable, legacy businesses, that can drive value for future generations.

Angela Tangas, CEO UK&I, dentsu, said: “Education is where change begins. It’s the first step in creating truly sustainable, legacy businesses that are prepared for the future. In our conversations with teachers, we’ve learned that many students just aren’t motivated to learn – they don’t see the point when the world is on fire. Through these resources and dentsu’s broader social impact programme, which has already empowered 15,000 young leaders in the UK and 35,000 globally, we are re-engaging young people by showing that solutions exist and there are purpose-driven companies out there for them to join when they leave school.”

Co-founder of Generation C, Phil Wharton, said. “Our expertise lies in developing unique and one-of-a-kind climate-focused curriculums for purpose-driven organisations and connecting them with schools in the Primary and Secondary sectors. Working with dentsu on this program has been a dream as they are already so switched on and forward-thinking around these issues. The suite of lessons developed will provide children with a unique and inspiring learning experience as they will be able to see first-hand how what they are being taught in the classroom connects to real-world scenarios and job roles. This allow them to take a look into the future with optimism and imagine how they can be part of the solution.