Drivers urged to fit winter tyres

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  Posted by: electime      22nd December 2023

Motorists have been urged to fit winter tyres on their vehicles ahead of snow and ice set to hit UK roads.

Experts at LeaseVan have told drivers to consider making the switch to winter tyres to ensure their journeys are safer this winter.

It comes after the news that drivers are 20 per cent more likely to be involved in a car accident during the winter months. Many countries across Europe require all vehicles to be fitted with heavy duty winter tyres, but this is not currently legal in the UK.

However, experts are encouraging motorists to use winter tyres on their cars and vans due to the bad conditions set to hit the country this year. The road conditions only worsen during the colder months – with hazards such as potholes, black ice, thick snow and heavy rain settling on the roads. The change in conditions makes it harder for motorists to drive safely, but fitting winter tyres can help make travelling less dangerous.

Winter tyres are specially modified to add more grip to the road surface during bad conditions, and allow drivers to maintain better control of their vehicles. The tyres work best when temperatures drop below seven degrees, giving better traction, grip and braking performance.

The key difference between normal summer tyres and specialist cold weather ones is the deeper grooves on winter tyres being more effective at dispersing surface water to reduce the risk of skidding. Winter tyres also give drivers better handling performance when travelling in adverse conditions such as snow, ice and heavy rain.

Vans and trucks carrying heavy loads can destabilise the vehicle when turning, making them particularly vulnerable to spinning on icy roads. Winter tyres can help reduce this risk of drivers losing control of their vehicle. Although it may seem like a big initial investment, winter tyres are ideal for those travelling on poorer road conditions during the colder months.

Tim Alcock, from LeaseVan said: “Although it is not currently a legal requirement for drivers to fit winter tyres onto the vehicles we recommend anyone heading out in snow or ice to consider fitting them.

“Drivers using these specially designed tyres will feel more in control of their vehicle when navigating slippery and icy roads, where a normal summer tyre would struggle for grip and stability.

“The thicker tyres have special grooves which disperse surface water and give better traction and braking performance.

“Fitting winter tyres is especially important for drivers who will cover hundreds of miles during the colder months. Van and truck drivers will also benefit from installing them to improve safety on heavier vehicles.

“Those driving through rural areas during the winter would also find the benefits of fitting the weather specialist tyres – with the roads more likely to be tricker to navigate and unsuitable for typical summer tyres.

“If you do decide to fit winter tyres, make sure it is in line with the terms in your insurance policy.

“Having winter tyres will improve road safety for everyone travelling during the winter and will help drivers to tackle the poorer road conditions faced throughout the colder months.”