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  Posted by: electime      10th November 2022

Sustainability expert, Pilot Group, has teamed up with British accessories retailer Radley London to inspire its employees to adopt electric vehicles (EV).

Pilot Group, which specialises in providing sustainable technology solutions, worked with the global brand to supply a double EV charging point at its DC Milton Keynes depot.

Falling under Radley London’s ESG values, the project was carried out in a bid to accommodate employees who use EVs as well as encourage those who use petrol motors to switch to the more environmentally friendly vehicles.

The installation at the depot, which is Radley London’s UK hub distribution centre and caters for around 100 employees, saw Pilot Group carry out a full site assessment before designing, supplying, and fitting a double EV charging point which serves two parking bays.

The project is part of Radley London’s sustainability efforts as it looks to reduce its impact on the planet and drive the company towards a carbon zero future. The chargers were also introduced to align with the company’s EV Salary Sacrifice Benefit scheme.

Providing an output range of between 7 – 22Kwh depending on the car’s intake capability, the chargers are currently free-to-use for Radley & Co employees and visitors at the Milton Keynes site.

Pilot Group based the number of chargers needed on two factors; the demand for use from members of staff and visitors, and the capacity of the site to provide electric charge.

After assessing the site, Pilot Group set about delivering the installation, with the whole process being completed from start to finish within a six-week period.

The charge points are straightforward to use for employees, who use a Radio Frequency Identification card to begin charging as part of a free-to-use promotional scheme.

Once a tariff is confirmed, the charging points’ straightforward ‘tap and go’ contactless payment solution enables them to pay, accepting all forms of payment including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

With EVs having both environmental and economic benefits when compared with traditional petrol motors, employees have reacted positively to the installation.

As a result, and to further promote the adoption of EVs among its employees, Radley London intends to introduce four more EV charging points in the next financial year.

With the handbags and accessories brand looking to promote adoptable, sustainable solutions among its staff, Pilot Group’s approach saw the project completed seamlessly and with ease, Radley London said.

Leon Wong, EV Business Development Manager at Pilot Group, said: “Radley London is a global lifestyle brand and it’s fantastic to see them placing sustainability at the heart of what they do. If we are to reduce our impact on the environment, it’s essential for major organisations to empower those around them to utilise the technologies available which will see this happen.

“We’re incredibly proud to team up with Radley London to deliver this project and support their employees with their choice to take up an EV. With the company planning to install more charging points in the not-too-distant future, we look forward to working with Radley London to support their mission to enhance the sustainability of their operations.”

Marie Joyce, Office Manager at Radley London, said: “A key part of our ESG values is to promote sustainable technologies and have as minimal an impact on the environment as possible. Introducing charging points was a no brainer, and the reaction from our staff has been extremely positive, with some saying they intend to switch to EVs in the near future.

“Pilot Group’s expertise was fantastic, and the team worked closely with us to provide an in-depth assessment of our capabilities before working tirelessly to see them delivered in a matter of weeks. For businesses looking to incorporate EV infrastructure into their premises, we cannot recommend Pilot Group enough.”