Electricians revealed as second highest-paid tradespeople in the UK

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  Posted by: electime      19th January 2024

A UK study has revealed that electricians are the second highest-paid tradespeople in the industry, with workers in Aberdeen having over £23,000 expendable income after cost-of-living expenses.

The average salary for electricians nationwide is £36,004, 91% more than the cost-of-living threshold (£18,816). With over half (52%) of Brits struggling financially as we enter 2024, and with over 9,365 electrician jobs available within the industry, Brits should consider where they can earn the most for their skills.

The study, conducted by metals4U, the UK’s largest online metal supplier, analysed the average salaries of electricians on job sites such as Indeed, Totaljobs, and Reed comparing them to the annual cost of living per city, to determine what their leftover income is.

The top five cities were:

City Average Salary Remaining income (after living expenses)
Aberdeen £36,667 £23,851
Dundee £37,075 £22,531
Plymouth £37,188 £21,660
Newport £34,891 £21,619
Portsmouth £37,351 £21,595


The bottom five cities were:

City Average Salary Remaining income (after living expenses)
Central London £38,900 £9,932
Brighton £36,025 £16,669
Bristol £36,476 £17,372
Edinburgh £35,969 £17,981
Glasgow £34,862 £18,038

When analysing all trade jobs across the UK, roofers were revealed to be the worst-paid tradespeople in the UK, with only £11,469 left once cost-of-living expenses are accounted for.

The research found that gas engineers were the best-off tradespeople with £19,957 leftover income.

Paul McFadyen, Chairman of metals4U commented:

“With the current cost of living leaving many individuals struggling, it can be worth knowing where tradespeople can get the most for their skills. There are over 80,000 jobs available within the construction industry, and with many other industries offering a higher income, the current construction skills gap will not improve if wages compared to cost of living across the UK doesn’t improve.”

For more information on metals4U, visit metals4U.co.uk.