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18th Edition News

  Posted by: electime      19th March 2019

With the 18th Edition now fully in force, using Martindale’s ET-Link certification software is a great way to stay up to date with the latest certificate changes.

The updated PC software includes the new 18th Edition certificates which can be either auto filled from test results saved on-site using the ET4500 multifunction tester or entered manually.  The print function in the PRO version allows plain paper forms to be printed for completion by hand.

The certificates include all the latest changes and the Initial Verification and Periodic Inspection updated.  With the need to carry out lower voltage insulation tests to prevent possible damage to smart home devices and control systems, there’s now a column on the Schedule of Test results form to record the insulation test voltage used, usually 250V instead of 500V. Other changes include just one box for recording the maximum RCD disconnection time and a new column for recording that a manual push button test has been carried out for any Arc Fault Detection Devices installed.

The ET-Link software is unique in being able to upload circuit and installation information from your PC to the ET4500 as well as downloading all the results. Upload client, location, distribution board and circuit information before arriving on-site to simplify testing and the saving of results at the installation.

In common with the ET4000, the ET4500 has many time saving features, including built-in limits for loop impedance testing and clear red/green pass fail indicators for all main test functions.  The Test & GO carry case enables fast testing without having to unpack and repack every time and being mains rechargeable there’s no need to keep replacing batteries. Useful on-screen HELP saves time on-site too.

In addition to memory and download functions, the ET4500 also has a 3 wire earth test built-in ready for all types of installation.  Other future proof functions include a wide range of insulation test voltages from 50V to 1000V and for industrial and fast electric vehicle charging applications phase sequence measurement.  All Martindale multifunction testers have a high level of input protection in case of accidental misuse and a CAT IV safety rating as standard.

The ET4500 includes the basic ET-Link software free of charge which can be easily upgraded to the PRO version on-line. For more information visit www.

For more information, please contact Martindale Electric on 01923 441717 or visit: