Homeowners demand more female electricians

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  Posted by: electime      29th September 2023

My Local Toolbox recently released a report about the rising demand for tradeswomen in the UK. The number of people searching online for the phrase ‘lady electrician near me’ has risen by 50 per cent over the last twelve months.

Other phrases like ‘lady plumber near me’ (+450 per cent), ‘lady painter and decorator near me’ (+125 per cent) and female carpenter near me (+100 per cent) have all seen big increases in the number of people searching for them.

Excluding landscapers and gardeners, only 2 per cent of tradespeople are female in the UK. So there’s a big under-representation of women in the trades sector. Historically the trades sector has been made up of almost entirely men. But things are beginning to change.

The number of apprenticeships started by women over the last five years has almost doubled. But the fact that more and more homeowners are specifically looking to hire tradeswomen demonstrates that there is the demand for more.

My Local Toolbox spoke to Helen Amos, who runs Pink Electrical Services, about her experience as an electrician.

Helen said: “The huge motivator for me was taking on a job in which I can work independently if I want to and which gives me the freedom to work around my family and kids. Happily, I think this resonates well with many of my clients who share the same family values.”

“In the early days I felt this was a career that played to my strengths, which is important in this job; it can be physically demanding, you have to not mind getting dirty and working in some inhospitable places, it can be tough outside on a freezing day or in a hot loft space in summer.”

“I always knew there’s no substitute for hands-on experience and a mentor, so I worked with another local electrician who I now consider a good friend, before setting up on my own.”

When asked about if she’d recommend to other women to train to work as an electrician Helen says: “I don’t have an axe to grind with regards to being a woman in what’s traditionally seen as a man’s role, so I would recommend a trade to both men and women, if they have an aptitude for it and believe it will fulfil them. It can be both challenging and rewarding with some great opportunities”.

Helen says, the response from customers regarding having a female carry out their electrical work “is exclusively positive, people love it”.

“I would give the same advice to anyone. Make sure that you’d be happy working in this environment, get a bit of experience, familiarise yourself with the qualifications that you’ll need for the work you’re interested in. Then, go for it.”

With a general shortage of skilled tradespeople in the UK currently, hopefully Helen’s experience will encourage both women and men to consider a career as an electrician.

View the full report from My Local Toolbox here: