How can your business offset its carbon emissions? Use this free carbon offset calculator

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  Posted by: electime      8th June 2021

  • New free online tool allows you to calculate how much carbon your business can save with the installation of solar PV
  • See how much money your business can save on electricity expenditure by installing solar panels
  • Decarbonisation will be become more prominent as we approach COP26 in November

With the UK’s target for net zero fast approaching, many business owners are thinking about how they can reduce or offset their carbon emissions.

However, the issue is that many people don’t know just how much CO₂ and money their business could save with the installation of panels on their unused roof space. To figure this out, EvoEnergy has released a solar PV calculator to give you an estimate of what you can expect to save.

We’ll cover this in more detail below.

What does the tool allow me to do?

The solar PV calculator will provide you with an estimate of how much money you can expect to save from the installation of solar PV, along with the level of CO₂ you’ll be offsetting. Just by simply entering the length and width of your roof, you’ll receive your system size (kWp), energy output (kWh), amount of CO₂ reduced and how much money you’ll save in the first year on energy expenditure (estimated).

These results can form the basis for a discussion with your management team in order to make a well-informed decision on whether or not to commission the installation of a solar PV system.

The tool also outputs a downloadable report which shows how much money you can save for the first year on your energy bills, as well as a range for return on investment.

The benefits from installing solar PV stretch far beyond just a financial decision, it’s also worth considering how it can allow your business to become less dependent on the national grid and offset the impact of your activities on the environment.

What are carbon emissions?

Carbon emissions can be both natural occurrences and man-made. Human sources come from activities like cement production, deforestation, as well as the burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas.

There is a wide range of activities from your business that could be causing carbon emissions to be emitted into the atmosphere. This includes events such as fuel combustion from motor vehicles, heat and power generation, material wastage and many more.

Why should I offset my carbon emissions?

Offsetting your carbon emissions not only reduces the negative impact of your business’s activities on the environment, but it also demonstrates your desire to reduce your impact on the environment, which could be the deciding factor when trying to win over a client or customer.

This is because demonstrating your desire to limit your environmental impact has become a major market winner in today’s competitive business world.

Ultimately, a solar PV system can save your business money, reduce carbon emissions and lower dependence on the national grid. Start your journey today with the solar PV calculator.

What Other Technologies Are Available?

A solar PV system is just the starting point, there are multiple methods that your business can use to reduce or offset your carbon emissions. For example, the use of solar PV in combination with battery energy storage or electric vehicle charging points can also help to reduce your carbon emissions.

These renewable energy technologies all work in conjunction with each other, as the energy harnessed by your solar panels can be used in your building or stored for use at a later date via a battery energy storage system.

This means that you can avoid paying for higher rate energy charges from the grid during the daytime, which will help contribute towards achieving your financial goals.

This energy can be used to offset your carbon emissions by either loading it into the electric vehicle chargers, or by exporting it back to the grid for an additional source of revenue.

Overall, going carbon neutral helps your business to achieve quantifiable CSR targets such as CO₂ reduction, and attain energy grid independence. Use the solar PV tool today to find out how much energy you can generate from the excess space on your roof.