Indra and Replenishh join forces to offer installers greater access to smart EV chargers

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  Posted by: electime      19th January 2022

Indra Renewable Technologies, makers of the world’s smartest electric vehicle (EV) chargers, has joined forces with industry leading EV charging distributor, Replenishh. Previously, Indra’s smart chargers could only be purchased directly, but this new partnership means installers can now purchase Indra’s Smart PRO EV chargers in single units via the Replenishh online e-commerce platform.

The Indra Smart PRO has been developed with installers in mind, with easy-to-fit design and the highest hardware reliability rating on the market. With its patented PESTs technology and highly skilled customer support team, installer businesses of all sizes can now access Indra’s award-winning home charging technology. Its smart connectivity options also enable installation of the Smart PRO in five times more site situations than other chargers on the market, making it easier for installers to fit and forget. 

Not only are they easy to install, Indra’s smart chargers also enable EV drivers to take advantage of the lowest-cost energy from their home supplier to charge their car when they need it, helping EV drivers and assisting the Grid in managing energy load.

The partnership marks an exciting time for the British smart technology company at a time of huge growth in electric vehicle purchases. Indra believes that home charging is the key to creating a sustainable electric charging infrastructure, which it estimates could accommodate around 80% of all personal EV charging needs.

Commenting on the launch, Mike Schooling, founder and chief technology officer at Indra, said:

“We’re delighted to offer smaller installer businesses an easy, straightforward way to purchase our smart electric vehicle chargers. What makes it even better is partnering with a company that has the same sustainable transportation vision as us. Together, Indra and Replenishh can support installers in laying the foundations for greener roads by creating an important link between the home, car and grid.”

As part of this partnership, Indra has also released a suite of helpful content for installers, including a new CPD and training videos in collaboration with eFIXX. Installers can find this content on the Replenishh website, where there is a host of additional useful guidance from the electrical distributor, including FAQs and myth-busting facts.

Jim Rugg, Head of Replenishh, comments:

“Replenishh are committed to working with innovative supply partners who have the same vision as us to drive the electric vehicle charging infrastructure forward with fantastic market leading products, and we are proud and excited to be the first exclusive distributor in the UK to offer the Indra Smart PRO solution.”

To purchase Indra products via Replenishh, visit