JTL reminds employers of the importance of Functional Skills

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  Posted by: electime      19th May 2022

 JTL, leading work-based learning provider in England and Wales, is reminding employers about the importance of functional skills as part of apprenticeship courses.

The new digital campaign highlights the reasons that Functional Skills is such a crucial element of any apprenticeship and how it equips learners to develop confidence and fluency in maths and English.

According to GOV.UK, 48 per cent of school leavers in the academic year 2020/21 had not obtained a grade 5 or above qualification in their English and mathematics GCSEs. Functional Skills is an essential part of every apprenticeship program for learners who do not have GCSE Grade 4, as without prior achievement of maths and English qualifications, apprentices are unable to sit their End Point Assessment.

In order to complete the Functional Skills qualification, employers need to allow their apprentices time away from work to access the remote learning plan. Not only is the plan flexible, allowing the learner to complete the course at a time suitable for them and able to be accessed remotely, but all the skills taught are applicable to the learner’s day-to-day work.

Some examples of these skills can be found below:













Lorraine Hall, Head of Quality, Teaching, Learning & Assessment at JTL, said: “With so much coverage in the news recently regarding the decreasing number of school leavers achieving a GCSE Grade 4 in maths and English it’s crucial for employers to understand the importance of Functional Skills. Not only is it a necessity for any apprentice looking to complete their programme, but it also plays a huge role in ensuring that learners are better equipped to work in a safe and professional manner.

“The Functional Skills element of our apprenticeship programmes is designed to be as flexible as possible. We offer remote learning to reduce the need for all elements of the programme offers them practical skills that can be applied to their role.”

To view a more in-depth description of the Functional Skills course and to access the guide for employers, please visit https://jtltraining.com/apprenticeships/courses/functional-skills/