Meet the new BSRIA membership manager

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  Posted by: electime      19th February 2019

Against the backdrop of changing technology and with industry facing fresh challenges, the need to access knowledge has never been greater. BSRIA membership can make your business more robust and will furnish you with industry best practice, practical guidance and a selection of tools to ensure you are “fully informed and connected.”

Good, reliable information from trusted sources is the name of the game especially when a third of practitioners do not have “easy access” to all the knowledge they need to do their job.

To demonstrate the benefits of BSRIA membership, Stacey Ward, the new BSRIA Membership Manager, features in a new video explaining the benefits of collaborative working and how BSRIA membership can help industry and improve its knowledge.

Stacey said: “I’m here to make sure members are getting the fullest from their membership. To ensure that they’re sharing their knowledge and information with our experts and, indeed, other BSRIA members. BSRIA benefits include: access to our online business and technical information, publications and documents, discounted training and most importantly, access to our technical experts for guidance, advice and industry problem solving.

“The services that BSRIA offers are spread across six departments: compliance, instrument solutions, test, WMI, SCG and information and marketing.

“In my first year in the role – one of the things I’d like to do is make sure that members are aware of the BSRIA services that they currently don’t use – to bring the full suite of services to their attention.

“I love connecting members working on similar projects and joining the dots, so that they reap the benefits from each others’ expertise and services.

Membership is open to all size and type of company – from one-man bands to multinationals – across all sectors. Join now!”

Stacey is well known within the industry and members as he was previously Instrument Sales Manager – BSRIA Instrument Solutions – for 10 years, having started at BSRIA in 2001 as an apprentice technician.