North London £650m Heat and Power Project open day


  Posted by: electime      12th February 2018

North London Waste Authority (NLWA) will be holding an industry open day, in London, for the construction sector on 6 March 2018. This is for the companies who want to be part of a project that offers a range of construction activities over approximately the next ten years. By building the facilities, it will enable the sustainable management of waste in North London in the long term.

The construction work will deliver the North London Heat and Power Project (NLHPP) at Edmonton EcoPark – a 16 hectare site in the Upper Lee Valley.

Providing a vital asset for NLWA, the project will ensure the ability to dispose of waste responsibly and cost effectively for many years to come.

NLWA have said they will work to the highest standards of health and safety, work as a “good neighbour”, be committed to equality, diversity and inclusion, and play a positive role in skills development of their workplace.

The components of the NLHPP are an Energy Recovery Facility (ERF), located in the north of the site, which will treat up to 700,000 tonnes of residual waste a year and provide electricity that can power over 127,000 homes, with energy diverted to supply heat to local homes and businesses via a heat network.

Located in the south of the site will be the Resource Recovery Facility (RRF), where bulky waste will be separated for recycling, and will also be the location of a recycling centre for the public and businesses from 2021.

Eco Park House, located near the River Lee Navigation, will contain office accommodation and a visitors’ centre where people can find out about recycling, waste, heat etc.

The estimated capital cost of the project is around 650 million pounds. In advance of main construction activities, a series of preparatory works will be required to prepare the site, provide new utilities and create new site access points.

NLWA’s industry open day is to explain their proposals for the preparatory works so that interested companies can soon engage as soon as practicable in the plans.

To register for the event, please do so through the website:

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