OFFER: Savings on Fluke T6 Non-contact Voltage Tester Kits for a limited period

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  Posted by: electime      15th August 2018

Until 31st December 2018, Fluke is offering two kits based on the latest Fluke T6 Electrical Testers with FieldSense Technology which make troubleshooting safer and more efficient by allowing electricians to take simultaneous voltage and current measurements, not just detection, without test leads.

The Fluke T6-1000 Kit includes a T6-1000 with a free AC285 SureGrip® Alligator Clip set and an HT-6 Holster. The Fluke T6-600 Kit (No: T6-600/62MAX+/1ACE) offers a 20% discount over the combined recommended prices of a T6-600 with a 62Max+ Infrared Temperature Meter, plus a 1AC-II Voltage Detector and a C60 softcase. More information can be found at:

Troubleshooting electrical systems can be time-consuming and potentially dangerous because it requires access to metallic contact points. The latest Fluke T6 Electrical Testers make it possible to take reliable true-rms measurements in crowded junction boxes or along conductors with inaccessible end points, saving time, minimising potential errors, and greatly reducing the possibility of arc flash.

The rugged testers are 1000V CAT III, 600V CAT IV safety rated (600V CAT III for the T6-600 model) and feature an easy to read display with a backlight.

With the Fluke T6-600 and T6-1000 testers, electricians can:

  1. Be safer: Measure voltage up to 1000V (T6-1000), or 600V (T6-600), through the open fork without test leads or exposed conductors.
  2. Be faster: With no need to open panels or remove wire nuts, electricians can speed through troubleshooting.
  3. Be more efficient: Simultaneously measure and display voltage and current on the T6-1000 – toggle between readings with the T6-600. The T6-1000 measures resistance up to 100.0 kOhm, (the T6-600 to 1kOhm), and the T6-1000 also measures frequency.
  4. Be everywhere: With the widest open fork in the industry, the T6 testers measure up to 11.7mm dia. wires with current up to 200A.

The Fluke 62 Max+ Infrared Thermometer is ideal for quick temperature scans of systems to look for anything from unusual hot spots that signal electrical and electro-mechanical malfunctions to undesirable air intake/output patterns in the building envelope.

It is ideal for the harsh conditions faced by technicians in electrical, service, HVAC, process, industrial and facilities maintenance applications. The 62 Max+ features dual, rotating lasers to accurately identify the measurement spot size.

Because infrared measurements do not require making contact with the surface being measured, technicians can make the measurements from a safe distance, away from moving machinery or live electrical connections.

It is easy to use with trigger click measurement, and a multi-angle, backlit display means it is easy to read even in badly lit areas.

The Fluke 1AC-II VoltAlert™ Voltage Detector has a 200V to 1000V AC test range and provides an audible beep, as well as a visible red glow at its tip, when a voltage is detected. The user simply touches the tip on a terminal strip, outlet, or power lead to test the presence of a voltage.

The 1AC-II VoltAlert has a Category IV 1000V safety rating and continually tests its battery and circuit integrity to further ensure user safety, providing a periodic double flash to indicate that the tester is functioning correctly.

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