Scolmore and Niglon settle long-standing legal dispute

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  Posted by: electime      25th October 2023

Scolmore has announced today that it has settled a long-running dispute with Niglon, which dates back to 2020.

The settlement represents a very significant victory for Scolmore.  The company took a stand because it wanted to send a clear message to the industry that Scolmore will always pursue any infringer, wherever they operate.  Intellectual property is one of Scolmore’s most prized assets.

The dispute arose after Scolmore became aware of claims that Niglon had been making regarding its MEDIAN products in comparison to Scolmore’s MODE products.  Scolmore subsequently sued Niglon for the infringement of Scolmore’s registered trade marks and for passing off its own goods as those of Scolmore.  Following the settlement of the lengthy legal case, Niglon has paid substantial damages and costs to Scolmore and has apologised, with undertakings having been given by Niglon to the court to not repeat the infringements.

In a statement about the settlement which has been published by Niglon, the company accepted that its actions had amounted to trade mark infringement and passing off, which it said it regretted and it further stated that it will not in future make any comparisons of the quality, source or origin of its products with Scolmore’s products. Niglon also confirmed that it agrees that its products are not made in the same factory or by use of the same moulds as those of Scolmore.

Managing Director of Scolmore, Kevin Beech, said: “Whilst both parties are understandably pleased that we have now reached a settlement, Scolmore will always defend and protect its reputation, as it has in this case.  Niglon’s products are not the same as, or equivalent to, Scolmore’s products.  We also needed to make it clear that Niglon’s products are unequivocally not made in the same factory as Scolmore’s products.”

Beech continued: “At Scolmore we pride ourselves on many things when it comes to our products including innovative designs, quality materials and rigorous testing.

We have been working closely with a small number of select overseas factories for many years now and have built up a mutually respectful relationship with them.  We have invested in these factories to ensure they have the best equipment, technologies and people in place to manufacture our products to the highest standards.  All our products are designed in house in Tamworth, Staffordshire, by our specialist teams.  Our partner factories work closely with the designers to work the designs up to samples and then finished products ready for market.  We make regular trips to the premises and have regulated systems and procedures in place to ensure that they operate to our exacting standards.

“These factories operate on an exclusive basis with Scolmore, only producing products for our group of companies.   Wholesalers and contractors rely on this assurance and this proof of the origin of the products that are being supplied to them by Scolmore.”