Scolmore enters the consumer unit market

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  Posted by: electime      12th August 2021

The result of Scolmore’s latest new product development programme completes the company’s offer in the wiring accessories category and brings to market a comprehensive Consumer Unit and Circuit Protection range – ‘Elucian by Click’.

The launch follows months of extensive research and consultation with contractors to come up with a range of products that best suits their requirements and that are compliant with the latest regulations.  It means that wholesalers and installers now have access to a one-stop shop for everything wiring accessories related from one of the industry’s most trusted and reliable brands, and Scolmore has made a significant investment to ensure that stock levels of the new products are high to meet the anticipated demand.

Elucian is an extensive range of metal consumer units that will cover a broad range of installations and offers a number of features and benefits that will enhance the products’ convenience, flexibility and safety properties.  The Elucian range comprises a total of 58 individual lines which fall under five main product groups:

  • 100A Mains Switch Consumer Unit.
  • Dual RCCB Consumer Unit – 100A Mains Switch + 2 x 80A Type A RCCB.
  • Dual RCCB/SPD Consumer Unit – 100A Mains Switch + 2 x 80A RCCB + 2 Pole SPD.
  • Combination Unit – 100A Mains Switch + 2 x 80A RCCB.
  • RCD Incomer – Mini Board – RCD.

The Elucian circuit protection range comprises Mains Isolator Switches, RCCBs, SPDs, MCBs, RCBOs and blank modules:

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